Harmonica Man - The Movie

Very nice little movie.. about 20 minutes long.. featuring the harmonica of Joe Filisko.. Not magic.. but sort of.. ;-)


Dan Harlan Interview on Talk Magic..

Great interview with Dan Harlan. About an hour and a half of magical wisdom.


Seth Grabel's Fingered Ear Trick

Seth Grabel's Finger Thru The Ear trick. I love little quickies like this!


Impossible 'Magic Shake' Card Trick - Video Tutorial

Jay Sankey has simplified this classic card trick to make it performable by almost anyone willing to make a minimal amount of effort. I highly recommend you take 15 minutes and watch the video... If you can perform a double lift while holding three cards, you can perform the Magic Shake card trick...


Card Portal Pop Out - Video Tutorial Featuring Shin Lim

Great way to reveal a card in a sandwich effect. It appears you are holding two cards.. and suddenly a third card flies from the middle with no obvious effort on your part. Featuring Shin Lim and Nic Suriano...