Nice NO SETUP Self Working Card Trick

Nice NO SETUP Self Working Card Trick You Can't Screw Up! Watch the video and give it a try...


Mathematical ACAAN that is 'almost' self working..

Nice ACAAN that is basically mathematical. It's referred to as 'self working', but you do need to know how to force a card. Check it out !! i


Make Cards Appear From Anywhere - Spidey


Learn Five Easy Magic Tricks for Kids

Wayne Kawamoto teaches five easy magic tricks that let kids magically multiply money, levitate a playing card, vanish objects and more. All of the magic tricks are simple and quick for kids to learn and perform. And they're great for grown-ups who would like to teach kids some easy magic


Perfect Self-Working Card Miracle

Thanks to Steve's World TV for this perplexing self-working card trick.


Paul Gordon Card Magician - Two-dozen routines in thirty minutes!

See https://www.paulgordon.net for info about Paul Gordon and his magic. See top raves from Jeff McBride, David Regal, Chad Long, Wayne Dobson, Harry Lorayne, Aldo Colombini, Alexander DeCova, Bob Sheets, Alex Elmsley, Boris Wild, Jon Racherbaumer, Roy Walton, Rafael Benatar and more. Paul Gordon is a professional magician, entertainer, lecturer and author. He's a member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star and winner of the John Nevil Maskelyne Prize for Literature. His magic is visual, commercial and entertaining. See the promo videos and trailers on his website.


Harmonica Man - The Movie

Very nice little movie.. about 20 minutes long.. featuring the harmonica of Joe Filisko.. Not magic.. but sort of.. ;-)