The Amazing Allison Lectures on the Real Business of Mentalism


Another Good Card Control

Nice card control.. Learn it and send me your video..


My FAVORITE Card Control - Tutorial

Chris Ramsay says.. "This is a Tutorial for my favorite way to control a selected playing card to the top of the deck. This move is definitely for those who are willing to put more time in to their card handling skills. ENJOY!"


Max Maven's Mind Games TV Special

Max Maven's 1984 TV special has evidently been released to the public. It's now on Youtube and you can watch it here..


Best Trick at Magi Fest

Best trick at Magi Fest? Chris Ramsay takes us on a tour, looking for the Best of the Best...


3 Cards: Amazing Simple Card Trick Revealed!

It's impressive what a couple of double lifts and magical counts can accomplish...