3 Cards: Amazing Simple Card Trick Revealed!

It's impressive what a couple of double lifts and magical counts can accomplish...


Making The Hooked Coin - Video Tutorial

Easy way to make a 'hooked coin'.. This little utility allows you to ditch a coin in a heartbeat, leaving your spectator to wonder where in the world the coin went.. You can hook the coin on you, or if you're really ambitious, on the spectator. The video is a little over 7 minutes.


Ring on a Chain - Tutorial

Fernando P1 has published another good tutorial on one of my favorite super quick tricks. All you need is a chain and a large ring and you're ready to perform.


One Hand Double Flip

Fernando at Art Zone Productions teaches a very nice one handed double..with a flip. Intermediate level magic for those of you who enjoy a little flourish with your magic.


Tim Travels Through The Magic Trapdoor

A small flap is cut out from the centre of a playing card. You are invited to hold firmly onto that flap. So given that you are holding onto the card, it couldn't turn over, could it. Could it??


How to Train Playing Cards to Attack - Video Tutorial

You've seen the sword stab.. the knife stab.. and even the pencil stab.. But Jay demonstrates a card 'stab' using... other cards. It's not actually a stab.. more like a grab, but it works and it looks good. This is one of the more complicated effects I've seen Jay Sankey present, but it's very performable with a little practice.. and I have no doubt you'll really like this if you take a moment to watch the video...


Priority Prediction by Michael Boden (tutorial)

To quote Hocus Pocus.."Priority Prediction is a worker's delight if you're looking for a 'stop me on any card' effect that screams of "no sleight of hand". Premising on the late Don Alan's Big Deal effect, Priority Prediction allows you to openly show the front and back of the prediction at any time during the effect.