Impossible 'Magic Shake' Card Trick - Video Tutorial

Jay Sankey has simplified this classic card trick to make it performable by almost anyone willing to make a minimal amount of effort. I highly recommend you take 15 minutes and watch the video... If you can perform a double lift while holding three cards, you can perform the Magic Shake card trick...


Card Portal Pop Out - Video Tutorial Featuring Shin Lim

Great way to reveal a card in a sandwich effect. It appears you are holding two cards.. and suddenly a third card flies from the middle with no obvious effort on your part. Featuring Shin Lim and Nic Suriano...


Cutting The Aces - Tutorial

Nice tutorial if you want to learn how to 'cut the Aces' This is a method for systematically peeking the entire deck and culling cards for presentation (cutting). It uses old ideas from Erdnase, Dad Stevens, Herb Zarrow, Karl Fulves and the legendary story of John Scarne's aces.


The Amazing Allison Lectures on the Real Business of Mentalism


Another Good Card Control

Nice card control.. Learn it and send me your video..


My FAVORITE Card Control - Tutorial

Chris Ramsay says.. "This is a Tutorial for my favorite way to control a selected playing card to the top of the deck. This move is definitely for those who are willing to put more time in to their card handling skills. ENJOY!"